Help! How Do I Fundraise?

Don't Panic!

Fundraising can seem intimidating if you don't know where to start, but it's easier than you think to hit your goal. Here's a couple of good tips for a first-time fundraiser:

1. Donate to yourself. 

Start off by making a small donation to yourself. Not only will it "get you off the starting line," it's a lot easier to ask friends and family for a donation when you can say, "Can you join me? I donated $20!"

2. 100% Awesome.

Here's an awesome fact to share with the people you ask for a donation: 100% of their gift will go directly to Maine Cancer Foundation. The event costs have been covered by registration fees and sponsor contributions!

2. Personalize your fundraising page. (Tell a Story!)

Everybody loves a story. Spend a few minutes to add a custom photo and a paragraph about why you're participating and you'll see donations increase. Customized pages get 20% more donations on average than pages with the generic text. 

3. Email everyone in your address book, even those you don’t expect to give.

You'll be surprised at who responds. Also make sure to email your request more than once. Email generates the lion’s share of all donations. We recommend asking once, and sending a reminder about a week later. 

4. Post links to your fundraising page on Facebook. 

Not everyone uses Facebook, but if you do, it can really help. Facebook is responsible for 90% of social donations. Most Facebook users are on in the evening, so that's the best time to post.

5. Tweet a link to your fundraising page when you get close to the deadline. 

Again, not everyone uses Twitter, but it can really help connect people to your goal. Tweets especially help with last-minute donations

6. You probably have to ask more than once.

Half of those who donate to you won’t do it on their first visit to your fundraising page. Don't feel bad! Everyone is busy and a reminder or two are usually appreciated. (But try to avoid spam, asking for or more times is unlikely to work.)
That's it! Follow these first-time steps and you'll be a fundraising pro in no time!