Bring Your Heart to the Cancer Fight!

My name is Rachel and I am a native Mainer fighting cancer. 

Not one type, but four distinctly unique and different types.  The disease has been with me for the past 10 of my otherwise healthy 47 years.  It refuses to go away quietly.

A cancer diagnosis induces many emotions, ranging from fear to anxiety to resignation.    But a cancer diagnosis also brings with it some special gifts that are not easily imagined – things like deeper faith, inner peace and quiet strength, not to mention love, support and compassion from family, friends and strangers alike.  And then there’s the most powerful gift of all – hope.

Throughout my journey, hope has manifested itself in a variety of forms.  In 2005, after learning I had early-stage cervical cancer, I attended a series of classes to develop coping skills at the Cancer Community Center in South Portland.  Four years later, after being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, I participated in a clinical study of treatment options at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor.  And just last year, after finding out I had concurrent bilateral breast cancer and uterine cancer, I agreed to provide personal data to an ongoing mammography interpretation research project conducted by the University of Maine (routine mammograms unfortunately failed to reveal either of my two breast tumors). 

If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to share details of my experiences with cancer on a piece of Maine Cancer Foundation letterhead, the answer is simple: because I’ve come to realize that MCF has played a major role in helping me to remain hopeful.  You see, each of the educational programs and research initiatives I’ve mentioned has been generously funded by the Foundation.

Real progress is being made in the fight to conquer cancer right here in the state we call home and Maine Cancer Foundation is leading the way.  Please join me in supporting the Foundation’s mission with a tax-deductible gift.  Your generosity will inspire hope in those who truly need it.  

Rachel Smith Maher

Rachel is participating in this year's Mary's Walk on March 29th in Saco Maine, a charitable Walk/Run event to help the fight against cancer in Maine.

Make a Donation to Rachel's Fundraising Page for Mary's Walk!

Thursday, March 12, 2015