David Bowie Tribute Concert Raises Over $10,000 to Support the Fight Against Cancer in Maine

“WE CAN BE HEROES”, a tribute concert to David Bowie, wowed a packed house at the State Theatre on January 23rd with an all-star lineup of Maine’s most prominent music groups.

Organized by Spencer Albee of Portland, the concert raised over $10,350 to support Maine Cancer Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to reducing cancer incidence and mortality in Maine.

"The momentum behind this show was unstoppable,” said Albee. “I remain humbled and blown away by the talent and generosity of greater Portland's music scene. Musicians, who often struggle to make their own ends meet, didn't bat an eye at coming together to help others.”

The WE CAN BE HEROES concert featured the music of David Bowie  and was performed by Spencer Albee, Dave Gutter, Jeff Beam, Dominic and the Lucid, Neil Collins, Sunset Hearts, Five of the Eyes, Mat Zaro, Lyle Divinsky, Weakend Friends, John Hughes Radio and the Rustic Overtones.

“It's a testament to the unifying nature of David Bowie, and how much his music meant to so many musicians and concert-goers,” said Albee. “1,500 people descended on the State Theatre to celebrate his life and mourn his loss. One of the most cathartic moments in recent memory."

The concert was originally scheduled to perform at Port City Music Hall, but a flood of early ticket sales prompted the organizers to expand the venue into the State Theatre with its larger seating capacity.

“There are many moments and shows during the year in which I am incredibly impressed and blown away, but none more than when local musicians come together to do something like this,” said Lauren Wayne, General Manager of the State Theatre. “The love, dedication and musicianship in the room that night was amazing, there was a palpable sense of love and camaraderie. I am so constantly, deeply impressed with this music community.”

“On behalf of the Foundation and Maine’s cancer patients, I want to thank Spencer Albee, the State Theatre, the dozens musicians and thousands of fans who came together for such a remarkable evening,” said Tara Hill, Executive Director of Maine Cancer Foundation. “David Bowie made a permanent impact on our culture and our music. It is heartwarming to know that his music will live on, and continue to create positive change for others.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2016