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After a long cold Maine winter, it's hard to resist the urge to head outside and catch some rays. Don't forget: the sun's rays are surprisingly strong this time of year, and your skin is more vulnerable when it's pale.

Tips to help to prevent melanoma:

  • People with pale skin are more susceptible to burning and melanoma. 

  • Stay out of direct sunlight when the rays of the sun are the strongest.

  • Pick out an appropriate sunscreen and re-apply, especially if you get wet or perspire.

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Maine Cancer Foundation is now accepting proposals for three-year capacity building grants to create or expand navigator positions that will identify and eliminate barriers that prevent individuals from getting the right care, at the right time, and by the right person. 

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Mary's Walk and The Kerrymen Pub 5k to benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation - held in Saco, Maine on Sunday March 29, 2015.
Sponsored by Maine Magazine, Photos by Judy Beedle Photography

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The Red Sox Foundation is giving away $10,000 to one charity in each New England state. Help us make an even bigger impact on cancer by voting for Maine Cancer Foundation!

Two minutes could help win $10,000 for Maine!

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Everyone knows cancer is a life-altering experience, but not everyone is aware of the staggering cost of cancer. Individuals and nations both struggle with the financial repercussions of fighting cancer. There is an excellent report from National Public Radio's "Living Cancer" series that digs deeper into some of the unexpected costs of cancer. Here's seven quick facts about cancer costs that might surprise you: